Congratulations, TeamShu(nga) for being able to accomplish the #OutbreakMission. Good job kasi we’re not really shunga after all. And thank you for tonight hihi. Good night! 😘😬 @legieka @misai11 @jennyaguila

1 year ago on 10/05/13 at 04:01am

My new life motto lawl kidding

1 year ago on 08/20/13 at 03:42pm

Awesome light effect is awesomesauce! I missed you, 10pm-acad-oval-ambiance.

1 year ago on 08/19/13 at 09:28am

Yet again another distracting wallpaper. What is bad hair day (more like every single day). And gusto ata nito parati siya nasa wallpaper ko… HAHAHAHA!

1 year ago on 08/16/13 at 09:13pm

Bad godson is very bad. Huhuhu you are on the naughty list this Christmas 😭😭😭 Huhuhu still crying good night everyone

1 year ago on 08/12/13 at 11:45pm

Spontaneous Monday

1 year ago on 07/15/13 at 11:14pm
1 year ago on 06/28/13 at 09:40pm

Hello, good morning locks. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you last.

1 year ago on 06/22/13 at 09:03am

Found this thingamajig that has mirrors on its four sides. Thus, the obligatory mirror shot. Thank you for today, @chrisjavillo hihi

1 year ago on 06/05/13 at 06:09pm

Of choices and nervousness

  • Before a presenting what I have done so far to le French boss,
  • Le French Boss: Are you ready?
  • Me: I don't think I have a choice.
  • Le French Boss: WRONG ANSWER. You always have a choice.
1 year ago on 05/23/13 at 09:20pm

I still hope for better days.

1 year ago on 05/21/13 at 08:51pm

Thank you, friend.

I don’t know why I open so much whenever I talk to you. It’s like all of the walls I’ve tried hard to build high enough after all these years are slowly going down every time we talk. I become vulnerable, maybe too vulnerable. But what’s different now is that I am not afraid, not scared of anything because I know that you are a friend. Only a friend.

1 year ago on 05/19/13 at 10:32pm

Forever favorite. #Tangled

1 year ago on 05/19/13 at 10:54am


β€œIn the Dollhouse” - Dina Goldstein

This is so sad.

With you there’s no in between, I’m all in #JB HAHAHAHA poker night with @misai11 @legieka

1 year ago on 05/18/13 at 03:04am