Congratulations, TeamShu(nga) for being able to accomplish the #OutbreakMission. Good job kasi we’re not really shunga after all. And thank you for tonight hihi. Good night! 😘😬 @legieka @misai11 @jennyaguila

9 months ago on 10/05/13 at 04:01am

My new life motto lawl kidding

11 months ago on 08/20/13 at 03:42pm

Awesome light effect is awesomesauce! I missed you, 10pm-acad-oval-ambiance.

11 months ago on 08/19/13 at 09:28am

Yet again another distracting wallpaper. What is bad hair day (more like every single day). And gusto ata nito parati siya nasa wallpaper ko… HAHAHAHA!

11 months ago on 08/16/13 at 09:13pm

Bad godson is very bad. Huhuhu you are on the naughty list this Christmas 😭😭😭 Huhuhu still crying good night everyone

11 months ago on 08/12/13 at 11:45pm

Spontaneous Monday

1 year ago on 07/15/13 at 11:14pm
1 year ago on 06/28/13 at 09:40pm

Hello, good morning locks. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you last.

1 year ago on 06/22/13 at 09:03am

Found this thingamajig that has mirrors on its four sides. Thus, the obligatory mirror shot. Thank you for today, @chrisjavillo hihi

1 year ago on 06/05/13 at 06:09pm

Of choices and nervousness

  • Before a presenting what I have done so far to le French boss,
  • Le French Boss: Are you ready?
  • Me: I don't think I have a choice.
  • Le French Boss: WRONG ANSWER. You always have a choice.
1 year ago on 05/23/13 at 09:20pm

I still hope for better days.

1 year ago on 05/21/13 at 08:51pm

Thank you, friend.

I don’t know why I open so much whenever I talk to you. It’s like all of the walls I’ve tried hard to build high enough after all these years are slowly going down every time we talk. I become vulnerable, maybe too vulnerable. But what’s different now is that I am not afraid, not scared of anything because I know that you are a friend. Only a friend.

1 year ago on 05/19/13 at 10:32pm

Forever favorite. #Tangled

1 year ago on 05/19/13 at 10:54am


β€œIn the Dollhouse” - Dina Goldstein

This is so sad.

With you there’s no in between, I’m all in #JB HAHAHAHA poker night with @misai11 @legieka

1 year ago on 05/18/13 at 03:04am